Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 21, 2014, 36 Days left


Well that's good you got a few years to worry about it. So we can just play it as it lies haha. I can't believe how big the kids are.... I'm kinda freaking out haha. It blows my mind how much time has gone by. This last week was kind of a tough one on the ol' mind. Got little sleep and your head is constantly fighting between here and home. It's so close you can almost see it but at the same time you try to kick those filthy thoughts outta your head and keep your head where your feet are. It's been quite the mind game haha. But all is well ya know. Good to hear that you were able to purchase Winnie boy's old bike. I'm excited to hit the big race. I don't know that I'll make it more then 20 miles though. What day is the race? I can barely walk up our flights of stairs over here without having an asthma attack haha. I'm sure we'll try to make something happen though. I have a plan for weight loss and a goal. With those two things anything can happen haha. I also agree with the forementioned plan of my arrival. That's exactly what I was hoping would happen. That's cool that Pres. Nielsen just comes over to the house for the release. I figured it was more of an interview setting at his office. So that'll be quite the treasure. Speaking on the 8th sounds great. That'll give me time to rummage through all my old notes and stuff like that to add in little tid bits. It'll be joyous. That's also Chris's birthday. So that'll be cool. I have a favor, it's Jordy's birthday this week and I'm sitting on a whopping like 15 bucks right now.... Could a guy hook another guy up so the other guy could get her a little souvenir from the town of Mammoth Lakes? Just a favor... Since you haven't done enough for me already... Haha I feel bad asking for so much stuff cause you've already spent a life savings on me. But I really do appreciate all of that. 

That's cool that Kara had another pageant. First runner up isn't a bad position to be in. Maybe we can hire a hit man and get rid of the winner ;) Is that kid gonna be rich or what? I'm gonna be her highly over payed body guard with a 401K and everything haha. Easter was very enjoyable we had a good Sunday and great church services. Sandra came to church again and is more then ready for baptism. This week was good though. We had a little tougher of a week as far as numbers go but we worked the same. We had a lot of appointments that flaked. Either our investigators or the members. But it's all good we have another week right in front of us! We just started up a Book of Mormon class and we had the four missionaries and Bro. McCoy as well as Sandra. Haha the class went really well though and we're trying to use it as a finding tool. Sandra's baptism is on the 9th which is a Friday at approximately 7 pm. She is going out of town this weekend and won't get back till the fourth so that's kind of nerve racking. She also will be out of town on the 10th that's why it's now on the 9th then obviously confirmed on the 11th. Richard didn't come to church yesterday but he'll be around this next week I believe. We also have a group of younger people who we're trying super hard to get them to progress but they're not having it. We are on the verge of lessening our contact with them cause they won't keep commitments. Must mean there's other people that we're supposed to be spending our time with. We tried to contact a less active the other day and he didn't answer. So we knocked on his neighbors door and this girl answers and the first thing she says is "Hey I'd love to talk to you guys but I gotta get going to work." We're both like ....what just happened? Haha we had a quick conversation and we're going by later this week. She's YSA age and lives with her mom. So hopefully we can start teaching both of them. We also have a lady named Renah who's super solid. She loves mormons haha. She knew a member family that used to live in branch and absolutely adored them. So she's been curious as to what makes us tick... So we gave her a pamphlet and a Book of Mormon and she's started to read both of them and what not so she looks very promising. It's spring break up here though so a lot of families are going over to the beach... Lame.... But that's okay. The branch loves the spanish elders and they had a less active family at church this week. Super awesome. 

That's about all I got for ya though, thank you so much for all you do in my behalf. I'm grateful for your example and the chance that I've had to learn the Gospel a little better and figure out how to apply it haha. Love you so much and can't wait to talk to you on Mother's Day! 


Elder Scott

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