Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April 28, 2014 30 days left!

I'm glad you got to enjoy a little homecoming session with the Kohler crew. I miss those people.  That's awesome that you can tell he served well. In his e-mails he never gave me reason to think differently. He's a good kid. He never told me about that story so that's super cool. I won't have any cool stories like that haha. But it'll be fun to speak to some familiar faces, and some that aren't familiar at all. Haha I think he's gonna pick BYU.
That's good to know I got one month. That's more then I thought I would have. How many hours did it take you to finish last year? That'd be awesome to go as a little trio with you me and dupree. Haha Sandra is doing super well. She's set to get baptized next Friday which we're excited about. It'll be an amazing tender mercy for us missionaries cause we've been working pretty hard to do all that we can. It's hard on 4 hours of sleep haha. But you get by. This past week nothing really happened as far as our missionary work. Sandra is in LA for a work convention and she gets back on the 4th. I received anti material for the first time on my mission the other day haha that was a really funny, and learning experience. We were visiting someone on the west side of town and a car passed us, then it flipped around and passed by again and I thought to myself, that was kind of weird. So we let it go and didn't think anything of it. But we go to visit someone on the east side of town which isn't a long drive but it's a few miles. When we get out of the truck the same car pulls in behind us and parks on this little off chute road. Once again think it's pretty strange but shrug it off and we go visit our investigator. After our chat we went back to our truck and I grabbed the handle to get in and something fell. It's about 8:30 pm so it's getting fairly dark. I pick it up and it's a little pamphlet in the form of a comic book. I'll spare the details of what was in it but it was a bunch of anti material haha. We didn't read it till we got home, but when we got home I read it and had many good laughs. As a missionary you hear just about all the anti stuff people have to offer, but in this little book there was some stuff I hadn't heard of by general authorities. So I was bound and determined to find answers to the statements in the scriptures. The next morning I'm reading the new testament in sacrament meeting and I had thoughts and impressions that answered all my questions. But to top off the cake it was high council sunday. One of the high councilman shared insights from Pres. Uchtdorf's talk "Come join with us" One of the lines in the talk is something like "we acknowledge over the past 200 years that there have been things said and done by church leaders that is not congruent with our doctrine" I immediately thought to myself, alright God you win haha. He basically answered all my questions via the scriptures and revelation. It just so happened our stake president assigned this man to speak in our branch on that topic with that line... Coincidence? I think not! Haha But it strengthened my testimony a lot of the fact that God answers prayers and is mindful of each and every one of us. The pamphlet didn't effect my testimony or anything but I was curious as to the origin of the claims. The best part about it on the pack it gives you a written prayer to say "Thank you God for letting me know how you feel about mormonism, I also reject it." Haha it was a funny comic.
But all is well in the cause of Zion. It's more apparent to me now then ever that the gospel is real and it's our job to share it. I can't believe the two years are almost up. It seems like I still have forever to go but I know that I'm a short ways from home. So we'll see what happens. Enjoy your weekend of frolicing in the red rock. That'll be a good time and I'm happy for ya haha. But I love you very much and thank you for putting some money in my account. Happy early birthday to you too! I'll try to find you a little trinket as well today! LOve you much and will talk to you soon!!!


Elder Scott

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