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March 31, 2014

March 31, 2014


The land of milk and honey... We're in the land of frozen tundra... Just kidding it's not that cold. It has snowed a few times the past couple weeks though which is good cause we desperately need it haha. The filthy Jazz.. Are they even going to get a good pick in the draft this year? Or do I get to come home to a squabbling team that can't put up 80 points on the board unless they're playing the Heat? Haha I don't know how bad they're doing I just wanted to sound clever. Sounds like your March Madness bracket about lines up with all the ones I've ever done haha. Only to be defeated by the cause of justice. That's awesome news that Goovy boy scored a whopping 11 points in the big game. He's beat my career high by like five points haha. I did just win a game of horse though so you should be proud! Sounds like a good round of golf too. How was that double bogey for you right out of the chute? Haha I'm sure you were mighty heart broken. Way to save birdie right there at the end though. Clutch performance. We'll play as much sticks as we can when I return. I'll be excited to join the ranks once again. How long do I have before I have to start paying to play down there at the RCC? That'll be a depressing day...

Hey if you're putting in a good ten hours a day at the office you otta be raking in about a millioin a day right? Does that mean you'll buy me some new Foot Joy's when I get home? Haha the most comfortable sock in golf is starting to breed a few holes. I've got enough left out of em for another six months or so though so we're good. Make sure Bug N' Goose keep those grades throughout high school and not just till eighth grade then plummet off the deep end like their idiot older brother haha. You'll have to congratulate them for me that's awesome. That's good that Jordy and Kory are doing well. Every time I hear from her she only has positive to say about that kid so that's good. 

That's awesome you got to take a little trip to Kelso's and hear about the mission. I feel I'll be void of funny stories and awesome miracles like these foreigners. Or if there were any I've forgotten them now due to my lack of effort in journaling. I've done much better this calendar year. But there's about an 8 month gap in there somewhere.... Haha I'll take the blame for that one. Gotta love those little empanadas. 

Work up here is going well. We're finding spanish investigators left and right which is disheartening cause in about two weeks we're getting spanish elders and when that happens we're gonna tank haha. We are still teaching Sandra who is more prepared to be Baptized then Johnny Cash is to sing a song. Every time we talk to her she's super stoked about being baptized and whenever we give her a commitment she keeps it without fail. I wish all of them were like her. She taught herself and said the prayers with the valiant result of joining the fold on May 11. It was going to be May 10 but she'll be out of town so we're just going to do it before church and call it a day! Hopefully I'm still around for that. I don't imagine I'll go anywhere but you never know. I'll do what I'm asked but it'd be nice to see. Seems like the rest of our people are kind of doggin us lately which is kind of disheartening. But we do have a couple of potential families that we'll be meeting with this week which will be awesome. Hopefully they decide to take the lessons and keep the commitments.

We had a lesson the other night with a family and the grandpa is pentecostal and he has a red letter version of the bible and we read John 10:16 and 3 Nephi 15 talking about the sheep. In his red letter version it says the other sheep are the gentiles and when we read the part in the BOFM about how it's not the gentiles he was kinda thrown back.... He doesn't appreciate the BOFM a whole lot but we're working on it haha. They love the missionaries and they feed us so we'll probably continue in our efforts of helping them come in haha. 

You're exactly right about conference haha. Conference is my favorite weekend of the year as a missionary. You watch all 5 sessions and take all sorts of little notes. Not only do you watch them, but you watch them... It's not like the classic I'm going to lay on the couch and watch it then fall asleep once the opening prayer is said, but you actually get something out of it haha. 

But that's about all I got up here. Nothing too crazy as of late. We did have Zone Conference down in Palmdale... Due to travel that took a couple days to take care of haha. But I love you very much and am grateful for all the support that you've given me. Can't wait to see you guys on Mother's Day. It'll be an exciting Skype session... 


Elder Scott


Look at you all star. Don't let all these big numbers get to your head. You're only as good as your heart is. Don't worry you'll definitely be beating me when I get home. Especially if you're going out and practicing every week. Just keep your head down and remember who you are and what you stand for. Don't be braking ankles either, unless it's from you jukin somebody else out. You can't afford to have weary bones and joints at such a young age. It's not good haha. Love ya buddy and I'll talk to you soon!

On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 8:24 PM, Bryan M. Scott <> wrote:
Elder S,

Well, another busy week here in the land of milk and honey.  All the major teams are basically done until football season starts.  As you know the Jazz is terrible and all Utah college hoop teams are done for the season.  My March madness bracket has been officially killed as three of my final four teams have now bitten the dust and Michigan State, who I had picked to win it all, bit the dust today.  Thus, ends my NCAA pool hopes for another year.  In better sports news, Goose scored a career high 11 points and his first official 3 in competition Saturday.  The team only scored 19 so Goose was the main man.  They did lose by 35, however, so to score that much in a losing effort was a little depressing.  Then, we went out for our weekly Saturday nine holes and Goose shot a career round 50.  He should have shot about 45 because he had 2 penalty strokes and made a quadrouple bogey on hole 4.  He's doing well though and is so excited to play with you every day or so he thinks when you get back.  Other than that, not too much else going on here in the world of sports.

Other than work there is not much else going on.  I have been getting to work by about 9 every day and do not get home until about 9.  It's great to have work though, so it's hard for me to complain.  Both Gavin and Kara got 4.0s this quarter and are doing well in school.  Kory and Jordan are doing well and are enjoying married life.  Unfortunatley I don't have a lot more to say.  We look forward to hear about how things are going.  It's too bad that you are losing your entire teaching pool, but the Lord will provide.  I'm sure you are excited to hear conference this weekend and take notes from every speaker.  I know anything that is different from the normal grind is always joyous in the field.  We took the priests over to Kelson's on Wednesday and Cameron told us about his mission.  He is an awesome kid.  He looks great and is super great example for these young priests.  He fed us empanadas that he made with his own little hands.  It was fun to spend some time with him.  Other than that that's about it.  We love you and miss you.  Thanks for your great example.  Work hard to the end.  I can't believe you are down to two months.  Endure to the end and make it happen.  Talk to you soon, we are so proud of you and to have been witness to this wonderful experience that your mission has been for all of us.  Talk to you soon.  Love, Dad

HELLO MY BROTHER, Well It has been a crazy week for me first I had a big basket ball game, but unfortunatley we lost bad 45 to 19 but I scorred 11 points and got my first three. I almost broke my ankle and made bolth free throws and missed four others. My second crazy thing is I play golf 2 times already, first time I shot a dubble bogey on 8 holse strate and second time I went I shot a 50 on 9 holes. I can't wate for you to get home and I mite be able to beat you when you get home but don't let that upset you, well that is it for the statis report see you soon. Love, Goose

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