Monday, May 5, 2014

May 5, 2014 23 days left!

Boss Man,

Well glad you got to enjoy a weekend of frolicing through the daffidels with your pals haha. I don't think either of those words are spelled right but that's okay. What car were you in? Last I checked you were to big to fit in the back of the Benz... And if your pumping 150 I have a hard time believing you were in a Yukon haha. Gavin had a couple ball games as in baseball? Is he still swingin the bat like an idiot at the plate haha. That's cool the Pacers made the playoffs... Didn't see that one coming haha. Or Washington what the heck has happened in the last two years? Everyone else is pretty believable haha. I'm not a horse racing fan either but that's cool that Chrome won. That's a big chunk of change for a flipping pony.... What's wrong with people these days? Haha
I'm glad work continues to stay busy. I'm sure you'll have no problem keeping a steady pursuit of sewing people out of their minds. Everyone is so sew happy these days that there's gotta be work haha. Sounds like all is well in the happy valley. We're doing good up here in the Sierra's. We're having Sandras baptism this Friday so that'll be a delight. We have interviews with President tomorrow which will also be enjoyable. Sister Wilson is bringing me banana bread so I'm pretty pumped about that haha. I'm going to try and skype at about 4 your time next week. So if any of that changes I'll just text you or something. Then after that we're on the home stretch. Today is the start of the last half of the transfer. Kind of super weird. It'll be fun though. Other then that we found a couple cool people last week. One dude who's super into golf which is always fun. You can try to swing a few rounds with those kinds of people and they typically pay haha. We found another guy on Saturday who we committed to be baptized and he came to church yesterday which was awesome. He's trying to change his life around and struggles with that booze stuff... So hopefully we can help him out. We also had a cool encounter with a lady we've been trying to teach. We talked with her on her porch and we talked about some questions she had and as we hit a few points in the plan of salvation out of no where she just busted out crying and thanked us for coming over. She's not investigating yet but she's totally going to get baptized I can feel it. But other then that all is the same up here. Happy late birthday. Hope you got to enjoy some nice filet mignons or something tasty haha. Love you tons and will talk to you next week!

Elder Scott

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